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Individual DBT Psychotherapy

In order to render the closest successful outcomes as those in Marsha Linehan's research trials, there are SIX crucial parts to a therapy session. Anyone who does not practice these crucial 'ingredients' within sessions is not practicing the type of DBT that this groundbreaking therapy was developed on.


Diary Cards

Used to track emotion to behavior correlation & set up weekly goals

Calm Sea

Behavioral Chain Analysis (BCA)

Used to measurably change one emotion, thought, or behavior each week.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Coping Ahead Solutions

Used to practice skills that you may need ahead of time and to offer solutions to the BCA.

Two Dried Leaves

Role Play

Used to practice skills so that you can access them more readily in real life.

Pebble Beach

Imaginal Practice

Musicians and sports players use this to perfect their skills and make them more accessible.

Flying Seagulls

Homework Application

Make sure that the skills and material you learn in class is actively applied to the situations in your life.

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